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Welcome to the Rarter Ltd Website

Rarter Bonded and General Warehousing at Leeds Bradford Industrial Estate

Rarter started trading at what was then Yeadon Airport Depot in 1978.

The site is a fully secure site with on site security 24/7. There is CCT cover monitored by gatehouse staff and limited access points from outside.

Over the years we have gone from a general storage warehouse to one that really specialises in providing services to the drinks industry.

We became an Excise Warehouse in 1985 and this side of the business has developed ever since.

The warehouse extends to some 110,000 square feet and is effectively a ground floor “basement” having no external walls or roof.

What we have is a bunker that is:

  • Inherently secure,
  • Has no major or sudden changes in temperature,
  • Is low enough that we do not store pallets on racking or on top of each other.

As such it ideal for the storage of alcoholic beverages although we do have some non-drink products in store. It is also ideal where picked orders are required.

The office and the warehouse staff have years of experience in Bonded Warehousing and we can help new entrants to develop their businesses and fully understand the HMRC regulations that control the industry.

Our charges are based on RH&D (handling) and Rent (per week)

Charges can be expressed in terms of cartons or pallets depending on the type of traffic involved.

We also offer added value facilities as described on our services page

We operate under UKWA Conditions of Contract.