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Bonded and General Warehousing Services

Image of Wine Boxes at Rarter Ltd Bonded Warehouse in Leeds


We handle every type of traffic from single mixed pallets, full palletised container loads and handball containers.


Goods are stored in specific areas of the warehouse allocated to each individual client. This makes stock taking and order picking easier and more efficient

Order picking

This can be anything from full pallets to individual cartons of any particular line.

Goods being collected for onward delivery are palletised and wrapped on our automatic wrapping machines to ensure that they are stable and protected during transit. This can be either clear or black wrapping

Added value services

We can:

  • attach duty stamps to spirits destined for the UK market that are as yet unstamped
  • check labels on 3rd country goods to check label compliance
  • label goods that fail to meet labelling legislation
  • create mixed cartons
  • repack for delivery
  • re-palletise on to specific pallets if required
  • provide periodic stock returns either by rotation number, product code or product type.
  • arrange destructions under duty suspension of goods that are not fit for sale.

Our aim is to make life as simple as possible for you the customer leaving you time to grow your business.