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Meet the Rarter Team

Image of John Batchelor - Managing Director of Rarter Ltd

John Batchelor – Managing Director

John has been in the “Bonded” business since 1975. As a member of the Board of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association he has represented them on numerous consultative committees related to Customs and Excise matters including:

  • The Joint Customs Consultative Committee ( JCCC ) and various sub-committees of the JCCC
  • The Joint Alcohol and Tobacco Consultation Group ( JATCG )

Membership of:

  • The Joint Warehousing Fraud Task Force ( JWFTF)
  • The Excise Modernisation Group
  • The Excise Movements Control System (EMCS) Group

and acted as Chairman of the Customs and Tax Warehousing Group of UKWA.

John also represented the European Confederation of Warehousing and Logistics ( CEEL) on the Commissions EMCS contact group at meetings in Brussels.
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He has provided Customs and Excise warehouse based training to major companies throughout the UK and has written articles for Importing Today, International Trade Today, Logistics Manager, Warehouse and Storage Handling and Distribution.

John is Group Managing Director of the RHD Group of companies.

Image of Jacky Donnelly - General Manager of Rarter Ltd

Jacky Donnelly – General Manager

Jacky joined Rarter in a clerical role in 1981 when she was just 23. She remained with us until 1986 when circumstances dictated that she found a job with hours that better met her childcare requirements.

Two years later in 1988 she approached us to see if we had any vacancies and we were more than delighted to have her back within the organisation.
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Jacky has an immense amount of experience and knowledge relating to the warehousing of duty suspended goods and was the obvious choice when in about 2009 commitments in the group overall lead to John Batchelor having to appoint somebody to take over the day to day control of the company.

She settled in to the role easily and is well supported by the staff all of whom are well aware of the knowledge and experience that she has.

Image of Kim Dakin - Operations Manager at Rarter Ltd

Kim Dakin – Operations Manager

Kim joined the company in 1997 as a warehouse man and forklift driver a role that he held up until June 2006.

We had been having trouble finding office staff who had the practical understanding of how a warehouse operation actually works.

In 2006 we therefore decided to see if anyone within the warehouse was interested or capable of fulfilling an administrative role within the office.

The Warehouse Supervisor was approached but was reluctant to try it, however, Kim put himself forward as a possible candidate.

Over the intervening years Kim has built up an extensive knowledge of HMRC matters and has proved to be a valuable member of the management team.
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His experience in the warehouse has enabled him to increase productivity, ensuring that added value work is performed in an efficient and economical manner representing value to our customers. He holds the respect of the warehouse staff knowing that he has done it all himself in the past.

Image of Gary Murby - Warehouse Supervisor at Rarter Ltd

Gary Murby – Warehouse Supervisor

Gary has been with the company since 1995.

He is responsible for the smooth operation of the warehouse:

  • The physical handling and safe storage of our customers stocks,
  • Tallying
  • Order picking
  • Added value work and,
  • And all matters related matters.

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